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Jessica & Jillian 
Two cousins who love reading books, buying books, and hiding books through their homes, closets, and cars.  Jessica is an aspiring librarian who is currently working on obtaining her MLIS.  Jillian is a newly wed who is focused on reading as many books as humanly possible before Baby G arrives in January. And together, we are For the Love of Dewey.  


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  1. Awe, you two seem absolutely adorable! I'm excited to see how your blog will develop :)

  2. Hi Ladies do you take review requests? If so, I represent a few authors that would love reviews. Pam.Labbe@aurorapublicity.com.

    1. Yes, we are definitely open to doing requests!

  3. I love Dewey too, and I have the Library Science degree to prove it :) Would you consider reviewing my debut novel?
    Jeannie, 4zokans@att.net

  4. Hey there! I came across your blog, and I would love it if you could take a look at my book and review it if your schedule permits...and of course if you want to :)
    you can reach me at cristian.petrescu@hotmail.com
    thank you!

  5. Hi. Would you be interested in reviewing the first or ideally all three books in the Silver Lake series? The Silver Lake series is a contemporary romance series following the love story of Jake Power and Lori Hyde and the rise of Jake's rock band Silver Lake. All three are currently 5* rated on Amazon.co.uk. If you think you have time to review one or all of my book babies please let me know and I'll send on the ebook files.
    You can contact me at coralmccallum@hotmail.com
    thanks and have a beautiful day