Friday, June 15, 2018

The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernsahw - Reshelved Books

Hello Dewey Readers!

I just finished another book *yay!* (Just kidding, this review has been sitting in our drafts folder for about a month, BUT it takes place in June.)

 Shea Ernshaw's The Wicked Deep has a Hocus Pocus-esc vibe to it, but unlike Hocus Pocus which takes place in Salem, Massachusetts, The Wicked Deep takes place out on the coast of Washington State.  

Two centuries ago, three sisters were drowned.  They were accused of being witches, but were really sentenced to death  for being beautiful, for breaking hearts, and for allowing men to fall both in love and in lust with them.  Penny Talbot has grown up in this coastal town, where this legend became a way of life.  You see, every year during the month of June the sisters return, overtaking the bodies of three young girls who are unable to resist that call of the ocean's song.  Once they are in human form, they continue their torment by making young men fall in love with them and by luring these boys out to sea where they drown, just like the sisters drowned all these years ago. For the residents of the town, the fear of death, the toll of drowned victim bell, and a month of fear is normal and even accepted as penance.  

This summery tale is part witchcraft, part mystery, and part siren lore. I loved how the chapters alternate between the story of the present and the legend of the past. It kept me guessing with twists that I never anticipated or saw coming.  And the best part?  I read it in ONE day.  So Dewey readers, I leave you with a rating of 5 out of 5 Coffee Beans.  

Until the next read!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

BookCon Haul and Giveaway!!!!!!

Hey Dewey Readers!  

Jillian and I were super lucky to be able to both go to BookCon 2018 this year, where we had an absolute blast.  We grabbed some super cools ARCs, met authors like Jennifer Armentrout, and grabbed some bookish pins, tote bags, and more.  

Some on which you can win in our 2018 BookCon Giveaway!  To enter all you have to do is like this post here (or the post on our IG) and be sure to follow us!  It's that easy! This giveaway will run for 1 week and we will privately message or e-mail the winner.  

So our thoughts on BookCon:

Here's part of my 2018 Book Con haul.
My favorite part?  The Book Boss Shirt.
Jessica -   I've been a little disappointed in BookCon the past two years.  Back in 2015, Jillian and I went for the 1st time and it was AWESOME.  We scored more books than you could even image and we met authors such as: Elin Hilderbrand, Susan Mallery, Jodi Picoult, and SO MANY MORE.   And their books were FREE!  For the past two years, in order to get ARCs and books signed you need to reserve tickets in advance and they go FAST.  You can still have authors sign books and grab ARCs, but they're not the popular well known ones.  This year in particular, ARCs were few and books for sale were numerous. A little disappointing.  They also didn't check out bags or tickets when we walked in on either day, which personally bothered me.   

Jillian -   I was *really* disappointed at BookCon this year.... (what the heck, BookCon?!)
Jessica and I went for the first time back in 2015.  It was EPIC. We came home with toe bags and totes bags full of books.  We had so many books that we needed a four seater spot on the train. I couldn't go last year, so this was my first time back in 3 years... I don't think that I'd go back for Saturday next year. 
Here is my haul! Well part of it anyway....
My favorite part is definitely my mad hatter bookbeau!
First things first, Saturday was a MAD house.  It was awful.  There were just people EVERYWHERE. They had SUITCASES.  Let me tell you, it was challenging to navigate around the suitcases plus the people....There were lines EVERYWHERE. There were signs denoting that breaks in the lines.  It felt like for every 5 lines we found, only 1 of them was still accepting patrons.   Word on the street is that people were selling items (ARCs perhaps??) and that's why they changed the BookCon ways.  Listen, I don't care that things have changed. I don't care that I need to spend money on a book. All I ask is that it made be known somewhere! Let me know that I will have to purchase the book and a ticket for the author to sign.   I was sad that we didn't really get any ARCs. (That was the best part!)  I'm hoping next year that we'll try BookExpo.  I will consider going to BookCon on a Sunday though.. NEVER EVER on a Saturday. 

Monday, May 28, 2018

August and Everything After by Jennifer Salvato Doktorski - Reshelved Books

Hey there Dewey Readers!

Is there a better way to spend a birthday than by sitting outside with a new book and margarita? I don't think so.  And if the book just happens to take place down the shore in Lavalette, NJ it's damn near impossible to think of anything better. This basically sums up my past Wednesday.  The sun was shining, I was drinking tequila, and I devoured Doktorski's latest novel August and Everything After in one sitting, only getting up for minimal bathroom breaks and to refill my mason jar glass.  Ahhh the single 26 year old life.   

So about the novel.  August and Everything After follows the story of Quinn, who is spending the summer down at her aunt's shore house.  Quinn had an especially tough year.  There was a scandal with her high school music student-teacher, and her best friend passed away in a bike-automobile accident that she blames herself for.  Having just graduated high school, everyone is focused on college and the future, but Quinn is struggling with just focusing on the now.  Then Quinn meets a bad boy.  Okay, he CAN be considered a decent guy.  He has a good heart, but he's a hot mess himself and he's tossing up red flags all over the place.  When Quinn is supposed to meet him for pizza, he shows up drunk.  I mean come on, girl.  Then she finds out he used to abuse prescription drugs and he ASKS her told hold a few pills for him! Seriously!? But, they both have their demons, they're both trying to figure life out, they both DO have good intentions, and they both DO love each other.  Whether love is enough........ I don't know.   

I love Doktorski's books because of the New Jersey and shore references, obviously.  These books are a pleasure to read and they are on my list of favorite things.  In this novel in particular, Quinn's aunt is a single LIBRARIAN who moved from North Jersey to live down the shore.  HOW DID YOU KNOW THIS IS MY LIFE GOAL!?  I want to be Quinn's aunt and be a coastal librarian. Ugh. That's the dream.  What else did I love about this book?  Quinn and her aunt drive up to North Jersey and buy a drum set at Sam Ash on 17.  Hello Paramus!  That's where I purchased my flute and piccolo.  I don't think they're in business anymore though... but don't take my word on that.   

Did I love this book? Yes. I adored it. 
Would I recommend this book?  Without a doubt.   
How many coffee beans would I give it?  A million and a half.  

This book is EVERYTHING and more.

Until the next read!

P.S.  The main characters from The Summer After You & Me are side characters in this book, which just makes me love it even more! And for all you readers close to New Jersey, Jennifer is coming to the Hawthorne Library on Saturday, June 16.  You can sign up here. It's free.