Saturday, February 24, 2018

Now That You Mention It and On Second Thought by Kristan Higgins- Reshelved Books

Hip hip hooray for a new review from moi!

Jess reviewed a book by Kristin Hannah earlier this week and today, you guys are getting my reviews on Kristan Higgins.
(No, this was not planned but hey! at least it's following alphabetical order! :-P )

This month, I give you two back to back reviews on books by Kristan Higgins. 
1.) Now That You Mention It
2.) On Second Thought

Now That You Mention It:

Here at FortheLoveofDewey, as I am sure you have been able to see, we give out alot of 4 coffee bean(ed) reviews.

I would like to think, however; that our 5 coffee bean reviews are far and few between (?) At least speaking from my reviews.

Now That You Mention It by Kristan Higgins is my first 5 coffee bean review of 2018! (It is also my first kindle book on my iPad).

Why? You might ask... Because duh, it's just that good. Because, I bought the kindle book on a Saturday and I finished it at 1 am the following morning on a Sunday.  (Which says a lot when you spend your days running after a 13 month old!)

It. Was. Just. That. Good.

I'm going to say it now that there are going to be spoilers in my review.  

SO. This title came to me when I was unwrapping interlibrary transits. (You know... BEFORE the fall of the interlibrary loan transit system here in NJ) Because I am horrible book person, I judge my pickings on cover art.... As awful as it sounds, it hasn't let me down!

This book brought me the kind of joy that Meg Cabot books brought me.  
I laugh a little (a lot acutally), I cry a little, I got a little frustrated... You get the gist. There were scenes in the book that involved Nora's encounters with her mother's bird, Tweety.  Some of these encounters had me laughing so hard that tears were falling down my face. 

I really really enjoyed this book and I would definitely recommend it. 

****--------------------- Full Spoilers Ahead!!! --------------------------****

First things first! 
You all thought that I would actually ruin this book?!

No way!

Go check it out for yourself!

Trust me, you won't be disappointed!!

On Second Thought:

Unfortunately for this Kristan Higgins book... I just couldn't like it as much as Now That You Mention It....

Why? I'm not quite sure.  I didn't find myself laughing out loud as much.  It was darker for sure, it didn't carry the same levity.  By all means, that's not a bad thing.  I mean the synopsis of the novel shows that it's subject matter is deeper and darker. 

Ainsley and Kate are half sisters, who are both encountering loss; Kate lost her husband and Ainsley lost her boyfriend. Nathan (Kate's husband) died when he hit his head; Eric (Ainsley's boyfriend) broke up with Ainsley after Nathan's untimely death. 

Both girls are learning how to move forward and live their lives by themselves again. 

I found Ainsley to be the comedic relief to Kate's sorrow.  I really really liked Ainsley, I can safely say that she was easily my favorite.  I liked how there was a happy ending for each girl at the end of the story.  It's always nice to read something that ends on a happy note!
I don't understand how Daniel the Hot Firefighter came into play... I was a little confused about where he came from.  I felt like he just appeared?  I wasn't impressed by him... But (I know you're not suppose to start a sentence with "but" :P ) poor Kate! Not only did she lose Nate but she had a few run-ins with his ex-wife, Madeline.  Who was not a nice person, at all.  

On a side note.... It seems like Kristan published a book before If you Only Knew that follows Jenny and Leo.  Jenny and Leo are two characters who come up in On Second Thought. 

In the way of coffee beans, I give this one a 3.5 coffee beans out of 5. 

Both books were easy reads and I would recommend both of them.  Just because I didn't like On Second Thought doesn't mean that someone else might not.  


Monday, February 19, 2018

The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah - Reshelved Books

Hello Dewey Readers! 

Happy February reading!  I have been in such a reading slump lately, but I promised you that I would get back to it, and I also promised that my next review would be something different from Colleen Hoover.  This is difficult because between this review and the last one, I read Hoover's Maybe Someday and bought November 9.   In the to-read pile the later will go....and so I will stop boring you and proceed to today's review.

I have loved Kristin Hannah's novels ever since I picked up Firefly Lane when I was 19 years old.  Hannah's latest novel, The Great Alone, sort of follows the trend of writing something different from what she previously wrote, which was a turn Hannah took when she published her historical novel The Nightingale last year.  In The Great Alone, we still dive into a novel that is primarily domestic fiction, but instead of focusing on Washington State, this time Hannah takes her readers deep into the Alaskan wilderness.  My co-wokers raved about this novel.  They absoutlely ADORED it, and now they all want to visit Alaska.  While I did enjoy reading it and was thankful that it pulled me out of my reading slump, I didn't relish in it to the point where I too am jumping on the next plane out into the Alaskan wilderness.   

So about the book.  In this novel we travel back in time to 1974 (similar to how Firefly Lane began in the '70s.  VW buses, anyone?)  and we meet the Allbright's, a family of 3, who's patriarch is a Vietnam veteran.  The war has changed Ernt.  He suffers from PTSD, constantly wants to move the family around, and is abusive towards his wife.  In the hopes of healing Ernt and starting fresh, the family moves to the Alaskan wilderness.  It is a place where the winters are brutal and where one mistake can kill you.  This novel is about mistakes. It is about tragedy.  It is about love. And most importantly, it is about survival.  This novel is messy, where the characters lives and emotions are literally a mess no matter which way they turn, and just as mistakes can be deadly, so can luck.  The one issue I had with the novel was the ending.  Without giving it away, I felt like it was almost "too neat" compared to the rest of the book, which is why I will not be giving it 5 coffee beans.  So go ahead, give this one a read, and tell us what you think!       

& until the next read,  I leave you with a rating of 4 out of 5 Coffee Beans.  
Happy Reading! 

~ Jessica 

Monday, January 29, 2018

Without Merit by Colleen Hoover - Reshelved Books

Hello Dewey Readers!

Those are clean tissues I crinkled up... I promise....
I'm sorry I've been M.I.A.  Life has been CRAZY, but I have been reading, just nothing review worthy.  My last review was on Colleen Hoover's It Ends With Us, which I adored.  Surprise, surprise, this review is also about a book by Colleen Hoover.  I'm in love with Colleen Hoover.  I can't get enough.  I'm bookishly addicted.  Maybe I need rehab...

Without Merit is Hoover's latest novel, which I found while perusing the new shelf at my public library.  Everyone should go to their library right now and look at the new shelf.  I know that Hoover writes New Adult Fiction (N.A.) but I wasn't sure that this novel quite fit that category.  To me, it seemed like more of a young adult (Y.A.) fiction novel primarily because instead of having characters in their 20s, Hoover has main characters who are 17-19 years old.   Interesting to me, because all of the local libraries had this book shelved with their adult fiction collection...

Anyway, back to the book.  In this novel we meet Merit.  Merit has a twin sister named Honor and the two are COMPLETELY different.  Honor is into makeup and boys who are near their death bed, and Merit is socially awkward, a little bit borderline depressed, and collects trophies in which she buys every time something bad or embarrassing happens to her.   So one day while Merit is skipping school and eyeing up a trophy at the local antique shop, she runs into this older guy who kisses her.  WHY DOES A STRANGE MAN KISS HER?  Well, he thought Merit was Honor.  *Ba da bum!*

But if that's not embarrassing enough, this man, who goes by the name of Sagan, moves into her home.  She can't escape the embarrassment.  He's eating breakfast at her kitchen table!  Her family is a mess!  Her mother, who had battled cancer lives in the basement after her father slept with her mother's nurse and got her pregnant / married her, the family is looked down upon by town members after her atheist father bought a church and renovated it into a home, none of the siblings actually talk to Honor, and Honor doesn't appear to like them very much either.  

So, if you're looking for a read that's part soap opera, part romance, and part individual and familial mental disorder, pick this novel up.   I would give it 5 out of 5 Coffee Beans.  

And until the next read, which I promise will be something different from Hoover... (even though I just bought a new one)... Happy Reading!