Monday, November 21, 2016

Who Do You Love by Jennifer Weiner: Currently Reading

Hello fellow Dewey lovers!  It is terribly chilly and windy here in New Jersey, and I am already bundled up in my jammies as I write this.  Definitely a perfect night to spend huddled under blankets with a book!

      Just like Jillian has been drawn to thrillers the past few weeks, it seems as though I have   been drawn to novels that deal with painful matters of the heart.  Having just finished How I Came to Sparkle Again by Kaya McLaren, which deals with heartbreak in its various forms (keep watch for this review, coming at the end of the week!), last night I picked up Jennifer Weiner's latest novel Who Do You Love, which touches upon this same topic. 
     The prologue of Who Do You Love, opens with the remnants of a devastating and crippling heartbreak, where the main character of Rachel is depressed and unable to get out of bed-- the tragic results of her marriage ending.  After the prologue, the reader is introduced to a much younger Rachel, who was born with a genetic heart disorder and is in the hospital at 8 years old for open heart surgery.  It is  here that she meets a young boy who is is also in the hospital, but for a broken arm.  I haven't gotten much further than this, but I'm beginning to think that this boy is the one that Rachel ended up marrying, and also is the one who ended up breaking her heart.  But are they one in the same?  Or did she marry someone else, and will she be reconnected with this broken-arm-boy later on in the story?  Why did her marriage end?  I have so many questions.  Bear with me and stay tuned to see if and how they get answered!

Happy reading!


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