Friday, January 13, 2017

What's That Doing In My Book?

Those of you who follow our Instagram account may have seen that I recently purchased a book from a used bookstore and found a kitten bookmark inside.  Those of you who avidly follow our blog  also know that I work in a public library.  Finding that kitty bookmark made me think of all the strange things that I have found inside / near books during my public library work.  Some of them are disgusting but all of them make me laugh, so I thought that I would share some of them with you in honor of last night's full moon and today's date of Friday the 13th. 

1)   A green condom on a children’s book whose cover featured a pickle – I kid you not.  The co-worker who found this thought it was a balloon, to which I yelled, “Don’t touch it!”
2)   A Q-tip –  A woman handed me this book with a Q-tip taped to the outside. 
When I pointed it out to her, she laughed and said “HAHAHA That’s my Q-tip!”
3)   Two pieces of white bread, both individually bagged and found in the outside book drop.
4)   A sanitary panty liner –  Sticker still intact! (Thank God)
5)   Blueberries – These were scattered in the graphic novels, but a bag of raw chicken / blueberries was found upstairs later that evening.
6)   A dental pick for between your teeth – Yes, I made the “Please don’t leave dental hygiene products in books” phone call.

And there have been many, many more.

Kitten bookmark found inside my book. 
When this library book was opened, tons of dried leaves fell out. 
~ Jessica

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