Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Do You Read In Weird Places? A Tale of Reading Worries

     It all began when on a crisp fall day in late October while I was at the Stop & Shop Pharmacy waiting to pick up an antibiotic.  Not for anything contagious, I promise.  *Cough, Cough * It was for an infection caused by wisdom teeth removal now 8 years in the making.  My wisdom? Gone.  My teeth? Gone.  My impatience? Present!
     After running around the store picking up the few liquidy items I could eat: butternut squash soup, cream of broccoli, yogurt – no, they were out of yogurt.  I made my way back to the pharmacy.  Still not ready.  
     I left, went to Dunkin Donuts, got a pumpkin iced latte, and came back. But nope, they weren't ready.  This is when I wondered, is it socially acceptable to read at the Stop and Shop Pharmacy?  There were no chairs, so technically I’d be reading while standing up between the frozen food aisle and the pharmacy.  I mean this is where I get my flu shot, why can’t I stand here and read a book?  And why do I care if it’s socially acceptable?  In the end, I didn’t take my book out.  But next time, I just might.  

(A thank you to my boyfriend for not cowering in embarrassment
as I took this photo and the one on our IG.) 

~ Jessica

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