Monday, November 14, 2016

Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen: Currently Reading

Hi Everyone,

It's Jillian here! This week is going to start off with a new book!

I figured that I would look through the books on my bookshelf that I haven't read yet and pick one from there.  The choice was between Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen (the winner) and See Me by Nicholas Sparks.  

Book to the Right: See Me by Nicholas Sparks
Book to the Left: Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen
Tsum Tsum (top to bottom): Lady, Eeyore and Mickey's Bear

The opening scene of the book takes place in a court room with the verdict being read for Peyton, the brother of the main character Sydney.  Right away we automatically find out that Peyton has been convicted of something (what that something is, we don't know right away). From there, Sydney paints a picture between the stark contrasts between her and him; while telling of Peyton's rebellion that lead him to jail and why she decided to start her Junior Year at the new high school.

Reading these first 30 pages reminded me why I love reading YA fiction so much and why I feel that Sarah Dessen is one of the best YA authors *ever* (in my un-professional professional opinion of course, lol).

Sadly, I have to put this book down and start getting ready for work. Time flies when you're writing and reading! 

Let me know some of you favorite books by Sarah Dessen or if you have any other YA fiction books that you love in the comments below! 

See you all next week! Have a good one!
~ Jillian

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  1. I also love Sarah Dessen's work. Another great YA author is Deb Caletti. One of my favorite books by her is "The Nature of Jade."