Monday, November 7, 2016

Seashell Season by Holly Chamberlin: Currently Reading

     May I begin by saying just how much I adore this book.  I have read two books by Holly Chamberlin before, The Family Beach House and Summer with My Sisters, but this one I just can't seem to put down and I'm only on page 50.  (Well, I did put it down to write this post.  And take a picture.  This book had a full-out photo shoot in my room, complete with seashell props. #instafilter anyone?).  
    Anyway,  Seashell Season takes place in Ogunquit, Maine but also references other Maine coastal towns such as York, Wells, and Kittery.  The story line follows that of Verity, a mother whose child, Gemma, was kidnapped from her as a baby by the child's father.  Sixteen years later, Gemma, who now goes by he name Marni, is found and the father placed behind bars.  Verity is ecstatic, crying tears of joy, while Marni is angry that her world has been turned upside down.  The storyline toggles between the perspectives of Verity and Marnie, giving the reader an inside perspective into the thought process and emotions of both characters. 
     Perhaps one of the main reasons why I am so in love with this book is because my boyfriend and I have recently taken a fall trip to Ogunquit and deemed it "our place" to get a summer home when we #1 become rich or #2  retire in 80+ years.  In fact, I purchased this book at a bookshop in Wells, Maine called Annie's Book Stop. Have any of you ever felt drawn to a book because it takes place in a town that you live near?  A place that you've vacationed?  Or a place that you wish you could one day run away to and live happily ever after?  Happy Reading. 

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